These are the websites that you can not miss if you are looking for coupons and discounts on technology

Getting the latest technology is usually a source of joy for the buyer , but the enthusiasm can be even greater if the purchase is made for a value lower than the usual selling price. Options are not missing, of course, thanks to certain days such as Amazon Prime Day , dates such as Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday and punctual offers from some chains such as the typical days without VAT.

However, the bargains are not only on specific dates, but it is possible to find them in the technological market throughout the year . The problem? The vast internet world is too big for a single buyer to be able to find discount codes and special offers precisely at the time you want and for the product you crave. Luckily, there are many pages and applications that collect all those bargains so you only have to drink from a source when you look for your perfect price.

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The truth is that, when it comes to selecting a website to consult frequently, there are a vast number of alternatives . Staying with one or the other (or several at the same time) will depend on whether we search exclusively for a technological product and if the operation of the page convinces us.

One of the most outstanding is . On the one hand, the website collects with special interest the offers available in the market for Xiaomi products , the world’s leading brand of discounts. But not only that: it has a very intuitive menu that will allow the hunter of bargains to check, every day, what is new in different technological subcategories (drones, smart watches, laptops, televisions …) and, in addition, to be aware of some of the most outstanding coupons in other sectors such as fashion or toys.

Something more complete is Itchy the bargain , a website in which, in the first place, users can search for coupons and offers of specific stores ranging from Aliexpress to Fnac, through Amazon or Gearbest. Beyond being able to filter by seller, ‘Me pica el chollo’ picks up a wider range of products with coupons and offers: there are video games, sports, leisure …

Many webs collect different discounts and codes with which to cheapen something the price of technological products.

In any case, if something stands out these two platforms is because they allow potential buyers, before going to the bargain, know exactly what are the characteristics of the product in a kind of ‘review’ to confirm that the product that is in Offer is the one we wanted to buy.

Also similar (although without that complete ‘review’ that can help the buyer to finish deciding) is the website, which collects coupons and ‘ecommerce’ offers from around the world and for the most disparate products ranging from the brand new Pocophone up to vacuum cleaners or discounts for Telepizza.

Now, once we have found the ideal bargain for the product we want to buy in one of these pages, the million dollar question arrives: what should we do to access the discount? And the truth is that there is not a single answer. Depending on the origin of the discount, the buyer will have to act to enjoy it. In some cases, for example, going to the bargain is, simply, clicking on a link that takes us to the website of an e-commerce portal in which our longed for mobile is at a low price for a limited time.

In other cases, what will have to be used are the coupons : in the website where we find the discount we will be shown a code that will have to be copied and pasted when carrying out the purchase in the corresponding platform. This is how the discount is applied before going through the checkout.

In any case, buyers should have a few precautions when pouncing on a certain discount . To begin with, as obvious as it may seem, it is advisable to check that the price we saw on the bargain website is what the store asks us to do when we proceed with the payment. It is not that we try to cheat, but it is possible that the announced offer has expired or that it was limited to a certain number of units and, in any case, we have arrived late. Equally important is knowing where we are buying it so we can get an idea of ​​when we will receive the product .

And if the above options do not convince you, there are more and more alternatives. Picodi , for example, is one of the most extensive in terms of catalog. Another even more interesting way of hunting bargains is to install the Honey extension in your browser: the tool itself will notify you which codes you can use to enjoy offers in the ‘ecommerce’ in which you are browsing at any time.

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Applications and much more
In full 2018, as is logical, not only white label web design live the hunters of bargains . In fact, there are several ‘apps’ that you can use to check at a glance what is happening in the world of technological bargains. Without going any further, some of the previous websites also have their version in application format, such as Chollometro .

In addition, applications such as Fluctuate or MySmartPrice also allow you to be aware of the discounts available in stores around the world, and even keep track of the price of certain products to buy as soon as there is a substantial price drop. However, with these services we must take special care: although the former were Spanish, with the discounts of these applications we could end up buying a mobile phone that is not compatible with the bandwidth of our country. Thus, you will have to make the necessary checks to avoid ending up wasting the money.

In the world of applications there are also some classics that allow you to be aware of the evolution of the prices of specific products in specific stores. It is what tools such as Camel Camel or Price Tracker for Amazon and AliPrice for Aliexpress allow .

But there is still more. So that the bargain hunter does not have to struggle even to open an application and dive between its sections to check the prices of their favorite gadgets, the most useful thing today is to use the Telegram channels . As with the applications or web pages, there are many dedicated exclusively to share with their members the most striking bargains of a certain sector or a specific store.

In fact, some of these channels drink from the discounts published on the above-mentioned websites , but they have the advantage of a much simpler consumption for the user. This is what happens with the Chollos and Discounts channels, which extract the information from

For those users who, in fact, want to focus almost exclusively on discounts on technological products, it is better to use other channels, such as Canaldechollos . On the other hand, buyers who love Asian electronic commerce have their perfect channel in Cholloschina , with discounts for stores such as Aliexpress or Rosegal.

In short, whether through the daily consultation of a website, an application or the tip-off received through a Telegram channel, the truth is that today it is quite easy to get a ‘gadget’ of the latest generation by an unusual price that your portfolio will appreciate. You just have to be aware and have patience: your ideal discount coupon is closer every day.

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